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THE TRICKSTER [Loki/Gabriel]

...take your time, don't live too fast

Who: Gabriel |[trickiernthou]| and Castiel |[noreferencesplz]|
What: Gabriel has been brought back and, after a year of hiding again, finally reveals himself to one of his brothers.
Warnings: None at the moment.

Gabriel had been running away for half his life now; it was more than second nature to the archangel--it was his way of living. A millennia of hiding away as a pagan god had changed him from the righteous being he had once been into a petty, self-serving, and over confident creature. Though he loved humans as his Father ordered he held himself above them and punished those that he thought weren't worthy of his Father's admiration. He did this by playing Trickster and giving those that deserved it their just deserts. In that odd way he still kept up his title of prince of justice.

And then one day he'd met his match in a single, determined human: Dean Winchester. The older brother who would play the Righteous Man in the End Game. But he said no. He refused to let Michael wear him as a vessel and he bested Gabriel at his own game of Trickster when the archangel tried to force him into it. Gabriel had no time to be indignant about it though; instead all he could concentrate on was the up-ending guilt from the words told to him that day. No guts, no glory. He was a coward.

Then he just ran away again.

Until one of his old-time lovers decided that she wanted to face Lucifer in a winner-take-all battle to the death. Call him sentimental but he couldn't just sit by and watch from the other side of the world. He went there only to save a few beings; he ended up facing his fears and dying in the process.

But he wasn't so mad at the dying part. In the end he decided it was the best way to go out. Assisted suicide. A coward's way out while pretending to be a hero. At least he was out.

Or so he had thought. A couple of months later he found himself put back together again, wandering down an empty street in an abandoned out-of-way town in the middle of nowhere. He was confused first of all, angry after it had time to sink in. He just wanted to be done.

So maybe this was his punishment for running away and hiding. He had to live all over again. If there was something he was supposed to do--He wasn't talking. Gabriel cursed at Him till his vessel was blue in the face but it did no good. So he just ran away again. Ran off into the world and started up his old pagan ways once again. Chocolate, women, and booze kept him adrift as he roamed from one sinful city to the next. Same old, same old, same old, same...

Then one day he just got tired of it. He was wandering through an old warehouse district when he finally got up the courage to call out to the one brother that he felt wouldn't just stub his noise at him and tell him to shove off. That wouldn't rub their righteousness in his face.

"Castiel," he called. "Castiel?" And he fell silent, head bowed as he waited with inhuman stillness.
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