THE TRICKSTER [Loki/Gabriel] (trickiernthou) wrote in gonnawinagain,
THE TRICKSTER [Loki/Gabriel]
gonnawinagain to play the trickster's part

Who: Loki |[trickiernthou]| and OPEN TO AUDIENCE.
What: The Trickster is on the prowl tonight.
Warnings: Trickster. Anything's possible.

There was a Trickster on the prowl tonight. There was just enough sun peeking over the horizon to make twilight a bright orange on one end and a hazy gray on the other. You walk down the street on your way home, or back to the hotel you're staying at, or on the way to the store to get some milk, or some other random errand just before it gets too dark to want to get out for the night. There was a big black crow cawing from a streetlight that you notice just before the light kicks on and the bird flies off. Beneath it lounges what might just be the world's most contentedly lazy black cat, and even if you approach it the feline stays put, tail flickering lightly and its big golden eyes staring up at you with a mysterious font of knowledge sparking beneath the typical feline gaze.
Tags: !open, ::alex shepherd (waywardshepherd), ::castiel (urmylittlebitch), ::future!castiel (thenigothigh), the trickster [gabriel] (trickiernthou)
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