THE TRICKSTER [Loki/Gabriel] (trickiernthou) wrote in gonnawinagain,
THE TRICKSTER [Loki/Gabriel]

...the angels take the good

Who: Gabriel |[trickiernthou]| and Lucifer |[devilnomore]|, and joined by Castiel |[noreferencesplz]| later.
What: Gabriel just can't seem to hide from the family anymore.
Warnings: None at the moment.

He really didn't want to be here at the moment. But he had started this prank and now he was set in finishing it. But it just wasn't the same.

Ever since he'd been brought back from the dead nothing had been quite the same anymore. Pranks weren't as fun; it was harder than ever to ignore the various prayers that were said in his name; the aching feeling where his family used to be in his Grace was impossible to get rid of no matter how much sweets he ate or tricks he pulled. He couldn't concentrate and he wasn't having nearly enough fun doing what he did best.

It was frustrating.

Gabriel watched the prank all the way to finish, but it left him with a bitter taste in his vessel's mouth that wouldn't go away despite the chocolate he stuffed down his throat. He chewed unhappily and flitted off to another state to start the process all over again. He hardly ever stayed in the same town for more than one trick these days.

It was only after he got there that he noticed something was off with the city. Something else was lurking about. He almost left--not wanting to have to share the toys--until he realized he recognized the too familiar presence. One of his brothers. One of his older brothers. And Michael still sure as hell didn't have a vessel as of yet.

He froze, debating. The smart thing to do would be to take flight and fly as far away as he could get. But call it a morbid curiosity, he just couldn't get his wings in working order. He waited, wondering if he would be noticed or not. No, of course he was noticed. He had probably been spotted the second he crossed the state-line. Now was just a matter of whether he was an interesting enough insect to inspect personally. Would his brother be at all curious about the supposedly dead archangel?
Tags: ::[au] tfw!lucifer (devilnomore), ::castiel (noreferencesplz), the trickster [gabriel] (trickiernthou)
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